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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. Acquisition, Use and Provision of Personal Information
    Because we need to handle a wide variety of personal information, we have established a management system for the protection of personal information, and we handle personal information appropriately in accordance with our internal rules for the acquisition, use and provision of personal information.
  2. Compliance with Laws, Guidelines and Norms
    We will comply with laws, national guidelines and other norms regarding the protection of personal information. In addition, we have established a privacy protection manual that conforms to these laws, guidelines and other norms.
  3. Prevention of Leakage, Loss or Damage and Implementation of Corrective Measures
    We will endeavour to prevent unauthorised access to, or leakage, loss or damage of, personal information, and will take prompt corrective action in the event of such an incident.
  4. Response to Complaints and Consultations
    If we receive a complaint or consultation, we will deal with it appropriately and promptly in accordance with our internal rules.
  5. Continual Improvement of Privacy Protection Management System
    We will continue to improve our privacy protection management system through regular checks, audits and reviews by top management.

Yasuhisa Kinoshita
Top Management
Sagawa Printing Co., Ltd.
Established: September 20, 2004
Revised: April 21, 2017

Purposes to Use Personal Information

We may collect personal information for the following purposes:

Purpose of use of personal data entrusted to us by our customers

  • Production of name cards and postcards
  • Production of directories
  • Production of membership cards and student ID cards
  • Printing of addresses
  • Production of company newsletters and PR magazines
  • Production of other printed materials
  • Shipping of products

Purposes of use of personal data we collect directly

  • Recruitment activities at the human resources department
  • Videos recorded by security cameras in the company premises
  • Entry records to the premises filled in by visitors
  • Videos and photographs to record the events and activities of the company

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact the following department.

Privacy Office of Quality Assurance Department
Sagawa Printing Co., Ltd.

Sagawa Printing and its affiliated company, SP Media-Tec have been certified by JIPDEC to grant the Privacy Mark, which is awarded to companies that conform to the standards for handling personal information.
We will process and manage your personal data appropriately.